Product no.: SM 5900BCD

authors: Janes Klemencic, Gerhard Werner

instrument: chromaharp

language: german

music: standard notation/ tab

level: from the beginning

pages: 40

with audio-cd

You want to learn the chromaharp? This method starts at a very beginning point. After a short time of learning you can play a couple of well-known melodies in different keys.

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Product no.: SM 5910BCD

author: Janes Klemencic

instruments: blues harp or XB-40

language: standard notation/ tab

level: easy to intermediate

pages: 48

with audio-cd

If you want to start with the blues harp, this method is the right for you. Play simple melodies at first and then get into the cross-playing-blues-harp-style.

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Product no.: SM 5900EB

A perfect way to learn the chromatic harp.

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