24 Meisterstücke für Kleine Harfe - Monika Mandelartz

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Anyone who owns a small harp will find what they are looking for in this edition - looking for sheet music for demanding pieces. Anyone who owns a small harp will find what they are looking for in this edition - looking for sheet music for demanding pieces. It contains well-known works from different eras and personal favorite pieces of the author, such as works of early music; all in all, this is a volume of small masterpieces with a big sound.



Almain                                   Masque Dance, England (16. Jh.)                                                            

Branle de Bourgogne               Pierre Phalèse (ca. 1510–1573)                                                                

Pavane: La Bataille                 Tielmann Susato (um 1510/1515–nach 1570)                                    

All in a garden green               The English Dancing Master, 1651                                                          

One of the Symphonies            Elizabeth Rogers hir virginalle booke, 1656                                         

Spoeyt u voetjes                     aus: “t’Eerste Deel van Sparens Vreughden-Bron“, 1643              

Passe velours                       Adrian Le Roy (1520–1598)                                                                        

Le Retour en Echo                Antoine Dornel (1685–1765)                                                                     

Sauteuse                     Jaques-Christophe Naudot (1691–1762)                                                              

La Champenoise            Antoine Dornel (1685–1765)                                                                     

Chaconne                     Nicolas Lebègue (1631–1702)                                                   

Batali                          Jakob van Eyck (1690–1757)                                                                     

Stemme nova               Paulus Matthysz (1613/14–1684)                                                           

Prelude by Signr Gasperini      Francesco Gasparini (1661–1727)                                                           

Solfeggietto                          Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714–1788)                               

Partita                                  Gottlieb Muffat (1690–1770)                                                                    

Prelude by Mr. Banister          John Banister (um 1662–1735/36)                                                        

Prelude                                 Matthew Locke (1621–1677)                                                                    

Daunce                                 anonym, aus: “Fitzwilliam Virginal Book”, (17. Jh.)                          

Prelude                                 Christopher Preston (17. Jh.), (aus: “Melothesia”, 1673                

Moet m’in alles sich verzaken    anonym, aus „Camphuysenn Manuscript“, (Mitte 17. Jh.)           

Esce Mars                               Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562–1621)                                               

The New Sa-Hoo                   Giles Farnaby (1560–1640)                                                                        

Come Again                          John Dowland (1563–1626)                                                                       

Comagain                                 Jakob van Eyck (1690–1757)                                                                     

The Frog Gaillard                 John Dowland (1563–1626)                                                                       

Bassschema: Frog Gaillard

Ciaccona                             Bernardo Storace (um 1637–um1707)                                                  

Bassschemen: Ciaconna, Chaconne und The Bells

The Bells                                             William Byrd (1543–1623)


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